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English is a difficult language to learn even for those who speak it as their native tongue. Many students remain confused about the proper applications of grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules. The current trend of abbreviating words and various contractions on the Internet and texting have only made the teaching of English harder, with students using this “lingo” in writing essays and answering tests.

Sadly, in the traditional classroom setting, teachers cannot devote more time to teach struggling students. More often than not, they ignore the usage of Internet lingo and just want to breeze through the year’s syllabus.

If your children are struggling with their English classes, an English Tutoring Sydney-based company called Step Ahead Coaching can help them improve their proficiency in the language.

Let’s take at how Step Ahead Coaching can help you learn English.

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Qualified & Skilled Tutors

Step Ahead Coaching offers the best English tutors who possess the qualifications and skills to teach the language. It is important to us that they have the necessary teaching experience. This way, they not only have the knowledge for English fluency; they also have the patience and temperament to teach students who are challenged by the subject. All you and your child need to do is to inform us of problem areas and our tutors will customise their teaching plans to your specific needs.


Many students have seen their progress at learning English hampered by peer pressure to conform with Internet lingo or, worse, by bullying from so-called “Grammar Nazis.” Our tutors are paragons of professionalism, providing patient and gentle identification and correction of common language mistakes. They are ready to offer constructive criticisms on English fluency, both verbal and on paper.

Have you ever been victimized by so-called “tutors” who teach for a few weeks and then leave after making a fast buck? Our tutors are always there to provide extended assistance and support, especially if the student is struggling with a particular lesson.

Save Time

A major advantage of English Tutoring Sydney classes from Step Ahead Coaching is that our tutors customize their teaching plans to fit the needs of the student. Doing so, we can save you time and, more importantly, added expense because our tutors directly tackle the problem. They will not proceed to a new lesson until the student has fully understood the English rules that are being learned. Our tutors also give review classes to help students remember past lessons.

Review a Class

We encourage parents to review our tutors and their services through our published results and testimonials on our website. The positive reviews we have received is a testament to our commitment to giving your child the best complementary English tutoring service.

Save On Cost

Good English Tutoring Sydney classes need not be costly. Even on a limited budget, we can give your child the help he/she needs through customized lesson plans that directly address problem areas. This eliminates the need for expensive repeat lessons. We also offer sibling discounts and reasonable hourly fees.

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