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Step Ahead Coaching gives students the instruction and support they need in a stress-free environment conducive to learning. Send your child to a centre that puts the student first. Help your child gain a step ahead.

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We run small sized tutoring classes for Kindy to Year 12.

Students attend weekly tutoring classes, held in small groups at Step Ahead Coaching premises. Our Sydney tutoring centre caters to all levels; from those who require intensive support to succeed at school, to those who wish to excel their academic position and be a step ahead of their peers.

Our tutors explain things clearly – even the hard stuff.

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Primary School Tutoring

The primary school years form the foundation for higher level education. Together, our tutoring centre in Sydney can help your child develop an appreciation for learning and good study habits. We can help your child understand concepts that will serve to help them get ahead in school. Our tutors are degree qualified and create a supportive environment that enables children to develop confidence and perform better at school.

High School Tutoring

High school can put great pressure on students, especially the latter years where they are now thinking of their ATAR marks and they have to take crucial tests such as the HSC and NAPLAN. We can help your child prepare for these big events and give supplementary lessons on dealing with stress and managing time. Our degree-holding tutors are young and caring individuals who can understand teenagers’ concerns.

Math Tutoring

A dedicated and understanding maths tutor can help children who fear mathematics or find it boring. With guided and individual practice, we can help your children understand basic and advanced math problems. For younger children, this can help them form a good foundation in mathematical skills. For students in high school, our tutoring classes can prepare them for their tests and higher education.

English Tutoring

A tutor in English can help your child develop good reading habits and high-level reading skills. We can help them enrich their vocabulary and develop their reading comprehension skills. We can also help them with critical and analytical development. For older students, our teachers can help with their summarisation skills and critical reading.

Why Choose Step Ahead Coaching?

A tutoring experience like no other

Our Awesome Tutors

  • Degree qualified
  • Vast classroom teaching experience
  • Passionate and committed
  • Provide a positive learning environment
  • Sensitive to students’ individual needs
  • Help boost students’ confidence
  • Genuinely care about students
  • Take a proactive approach to give students a head start over peers
  • Regularly update parents and give prompt feedback if needed
  • Make learning fun!

Our Resources

  • Regular workshops to target individual learning needs
  • Booklets and practice exams on advanced concepts
  • Supplementary exam papers/texts with top responses
  • Resources with HSC and school assessment exam style questions
  • Online resources
  • Progress monitoring
  • Online platform for correspondence
  • Resources for stress management, time management and motivation
  • Resources for students techniques for note making, exam preparation, and effective study methods

Our Class Structure

  • Teaching program that covers the NSW board of studies syllabus
  • Structured learning system that allows students to develop sound study habits every week
  • Students are weeks or even a term ahead of school so that they are exam-ready
  • Short quizzes and topic tests that are held under strict exam conditions to ensure students have a solid understanding of the subject

What our Students and Parents Say

Personally, I’m very impressed by the overall results I have achieved at school. This is through Step Ahead and their hard work. The facilities are great and the books we use, test our ability. I will give Step Ahead 10/10.

Ifraz Sule College

There are good facilities & the teachers are helpful, dedicated and put the students first. The place is a good learning environment. Step Ahead has helped me a lot and in my school work and grades. It’s awesome!

This is a great service, it provides help to those students who want to learn and you achieve lots!


Step Ahead Coaching has helped me a lot. It has made my grades increase dramatically and has placed me in the top General Maths class at school. I tend to understand maths more clearly now and it has helped me understand complex problems. Thanks Sir!

Mirisha Hoxton Park H.S

Step Ahead Coaching has great teachers which are easy to understand.

I like that I’m allowed to work at my own pace on topics of my own choosing and that help is always available.

Step Ahead is a great place to bring students. It has helped me a lot; it is a successful business because of the excellent service it provides.

Mohamed James Busby H.S

I’ve been here since 8th grade and my Maths grades have improved. The help I have got so over time has helped me so much.

Keep up the excellent work! Your charges are very reasonable and the results reflect your dedication and professionalism.

Mrs Alderton Parent

I’m happy with the teachers at Step Ahead Coaching, they are very helpful and provide me with information regarding my daughter. We have noticed a change since she started attending.

Mrs Agius Parent

I’m grateful for all the work you have done for my son, keep up the good work!

Mrs Rossi Parent

Thank you for all your help with Ali, I saw lots of improvement with my son.

Mrs Ghazawi Parent

I’m very happy with the outcomes, I would recommend [you] to anyone.

Mr Dean Parent

I’m very happy with the coaching, my kids have improved a lot.

Mrs Bawallan Parent

My child is very happy and is progressing well. And I’m also happy with Step Ahead Coaching

Mr Kumar Parent

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